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About me and the blog

Hi there fellow film lover.

So, you decided to surf the vast landscapes of the net to find out more about movies, a medium that like no other shaped the 20th century.

Well, I’ll try to give you what information you may  seek.

My name is Anne-Mette Pedersen. I was born 1980, the year “The Blues Brothers” was released in the US.

I live in Denmark and study film- and media studies at the University of Copenhagen.

I love watching and making films and everything about them.

This blog is my personal quest to spread a bit of my enthusiasm about films and their history, my way of saying “thank you for great times” to the people who chose to spend time and energy on these pieces of history and often felt the sting of rejection or plain old bad luck.

I am not in any way saying that I know everything about film history. This is also an opportunity for me to learn more.

Should you have questions or knowledge that you’d like to share, please drop me an email at

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog.



Me, in a noir moment

Me, in a noir moment

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